Kill Ads on the Internet to Improve Focus

The web is already a distracting enough place; it is easy to glue ourselves to a YouTube marathon, swallow greasy, unhealthy portions of Facebook feeds, and further cause inattention, impulsiveness, and disorganization. And even when we are trying to consume information or work in a healthy manner, well-meaning websites still make it difficult to focus with a barrage of colorful, dizzying ad placements that make consumption unbearable. For those not already introduced to ad-blockers, you are missing out on a leaner and more bearable web.

There is some criticism against using ad-blockers. Website owners using third-party hosted online advertising for funding have argued that the use of ad-blocking software risks cutting off their revenue stream. While some have successfully implemented subscription and membership-based paywall systems for revenue, many websites today rely on third-party hosted online advertising to function.

But the truth is, ads are always a distraction, and the key to a successful business in the long-term is to have amazing usability and purpose. If the content is not good enough to survive without ads, then its meaning is simply transient. This website will never have ads, except for the ones WordPress puts on here while I use free hosting. But, if you use an ad-block software, you should only see clean walls of text to focus on.

Kill Ads

Install Adblock Plus. Remove the checkmark for “allow some non-intrusive advertising”.

Kill Adblock-blockers

Sites like have mechanisms to detect ad-blockers. Ameliorate this by installing uBlock Origin.


The Perfect Credit Card Arsenal

Carrying credit cards that offer cash rewards and no annual fees and paying them back in full every month is free money. This blog post represents an ongoing search for the “perfect” credit card arsenal to maximize returns on expenditures.

Know better deals? Let me know.

Citi Double Cash

Effectively 2% cash back on all purchases. This is the go-to card for most purchases that do not fall into special categories below.

Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

5% cash back on all Amazon purchases (with Prime membership). Assuming you have a Prime membership, this is a no-brainer.

Quicksilver From Capital One

Flat 1.5% cash back card with no foreign transaction fees. Many credit cards charge a 3% fee on overseas purchases.

If you spent $10,000 this year…

Effective cost would be:

Amazon purchases: $500 -> $475

Overseas purchases: $1,500 + $45 fees -> $1,477.5

All other purchases: $8,000 -> $7,840

Total spending: $10,045 -> $9,792.5